Professional fangirl.

The last minute is just so full of win.

The whole album is full of win.

The band is full of win.


One of my absolute favorites.

The sound quality isn’t exactly ideal but damn this is a good version. Thornapple should definitely do more jazz.


Festival Scope Selects: Brief Encounter

Told you this man looks hella fine.

Young, talented, and apparently looks hella fine as well.

Chen’s Ilo Ilo is definitely one of the year’s best films. Please do see it.

Look at this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. Just.. gorgeous.

I’m lucky enough to be given a chance to be in a film production, something that still feels very much like a dream to me. Most of the time I’m just thrilled to be part of the crew, but sometimes the audience part of me can be more excited than everything else. The audience part of me cannot wait to see the end result because it will be the feature film debut of a director whose work I’ve adored for quite some time. I adore the man and his talent and his style and I just cannot wait to see this first film of his.

Gray’s Call Me Gray EP.. an awesome EP.

I’ve been saying this a lot to my friend lately and I really do think it’s a good EP. Groovy indeed.

I doubt AOMG had anything to do (creatively) with this EP’s awesomeness, but I’m very happy that this is the first big EP from the label. Because, well, again, it’s awesome.

Looking forward to more from Gray.

Ringa Linga

  • His hair… is not salvageable. Bye, Youngbae’s hair, bye.
  • That fruit foam net thing doesn’t help at all either.
  • Youngbae is the last person that needs autotune. So WTF autotune? You’re not welcome.
  • Despite everything, yeah I guess the song is kinda catchy.
  • But I love Youngbae not because he sings incomprehensible CATCHY tunes. I love Youngbae because of his simple, good music. Like Look Only At Me. Like Wedding Dress. THOSE WERE THE DAYS, MAN. THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS.
  • I miss the old Youngbae so fucking much you can’t even begin to understand.
  • Well, as long as you’re happy, man. As long as you’re doing the music that you like and you’re happy.
  • I, however, will just continue to weep.
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